Rubber equipment
Surface treatment equipment
  • Precision Preformer

    The computer preform machine is an efficient and high-precision rubber producing equipment. Its biggest advantage is that it can squeeze out all kinds…

  • Rotating Cooling Conveyor

    The cooling conveyor can assist in the cooling, separation and drying ofhot rubber…

  • High Pressure Preformer

    Introduction of the High Pressure Preformer The H series (5500 PSI) of High Pressure Preformers…

  • High Pressure Strainer

    The working pressure of high pressure rubber strainer is up to 40Mpa…

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Kunshan Chengqian Machinery Co., Ltd

Kunshan Chengqian Machinery Co., Ltd is located in the "ancestor of 100 operas" known as convenient traffic----Kunshan, is a professional manufacturer of rubber precision preformer machine and cooling machine. Since its establishment, we have developed into design, R & D, production, manufacturing and sales. After-sales service in one of the production enterprises.
We have a professional rubber machinery design and manufacturing and mainten…
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